Monday, May 11, 2015 | DOHA Barzan Medical Supplies, one of Qatar’s preferred Hospital Disposable, Medical Instrumentation, Equipment and Training suppliers and service providers recently stepped forward to host a valued medical Seminar. The company conducted a symposium on a topic of crucial importance. Given the continuously rising threat to immune systems, brought on by allergic reactions Barzan Medical Supplies led a valued initiative to update Qatar’s medical professionals on ‘Allergen Immunotherapy’. The well-attended Seminar drew participation from doctors of the Hamad Medical Corporation as well as private hospitals and clinics in Qatar.

A respected specialist in the field of allergen immunotherapy was invited by Barzan Medical Supplies to lead the presentations. Dr. Riad Fadel (MD, MSc, France ) is an Allergist and Clinical Immunologist of repute, whose knowledge and guidance was an asset to the attendees of the symposium. Dr. Riad Fadel is also the International Medical Director at Stallergenes, a global leader of innovation in allergy solutions all around the world. The Seminar was conducted under the theme “Allergen Immunotherapy: From The Right Indication To The Right Patients’ Management”. Given the right indication of treatment for the respiratory allergy by immunotherapy. Brazan Medical Supplies initiated seminar was seen as a well-timed effort that was instructive to attendees and contributed overall to the approach used by medical professionals for optimum treatment, here in Qatar.

Commenting on the perspective of Brazan Medical Supplies, the company’s Executive Manager Mr. Mousa Al Zuraiqi said, “Barzan Medical Supplies is very pleased at how well the Seminar was received, Our goal in organizing and hosting this event was to update the knowledge and awareness of medical professionals on how to use “Allergen Immunotherapy” as a viable solution and an effective approach to treatment. Brazan Medical Supplies as responsible professionals who play an active role in the field of medical care, the company offers training and education to Qatar’s Healthcare sector. Barzan Medical Supplies is rapidly becoming one of the largest medical suppliers, providing the best solutions by importing and distributing state-of-the-art medical equipment, medical devices and instrumentations, pharmaceutical formulations in Qatar since 1995”.

Dr. Riad Fadel went on to say that in Qatar the rising numbers of allergies activated by dust mist, pollen and other triggers confirmed the need for a growing body of knowledge on managing these cases. We know that respiratory diseases are always on the rise in the community. So, we felt it was quite appropriate to give the seminar attendees some crucial recommendations for diagnosis and the management of allergic respiratory diseases”